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The site was expected to receive large spikes of traffic, following several awareness campaigns organized by Greenpeace. In order to meet those needs, we designed and built a private cloud infrastructure consisting of multiple virtualized nodes (based on LXC containers). These nodes were organized in three layers: load balancers, web and database nodes. Each layer was designed for high redundancy with no single point of failure. The infrastructure allowed for on the fly addition of nodes too.

Replication On Two Continents

Due to the expected high number of visitors from USA and Europe, Greenpeace requested that the website is available simultaneously from two physical locations. This was to prevent latency and to decrease load time. We located half of the infrastructure in the US (Chicago datacenter) and the other half in Europe (Amsterdam datacenter). We built a seamless MySQL synchronization between the two locations (using Galera Cluster), in order for all visitors to see the same data in real time.

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